Statistical analysis of numeric and text data... we do that.
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Advanced statistical analysis behind the charts and graphs... we do that.


Tools built for data science, by data nerds, used by everyone... we do that.


Data management, project management, manager management... we do that.

Our History

We've been adding numbers for 17 years. And we've gotten pretty good at it.

Our Philosophy

Is to provide results you can use, and analytics you understand.

Our Work

We're statisticians and generally come into a project when specialization is needed.

Our Team

We're a small team of left & right brain thinkers who love data, math and statistics.

Our Customers

Are often swimming in data and know there is hidden value to be found with the right analysis.

Our Passion

Is the statistical analysis and visualizaton of sports, health & business data.

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CA: 613-859-0701

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